Livia Lancelot: boss and rider

livia lancelot ready for qatar and her season 2016

For the third time in her career Livia Lancelot enters her third season contesting the FIM World Ladies Motocross Championship in her own structure, Team 114 Kawasaki. After podiums in each of the last two years, the 28 year old chases a second world title to that she won in 2008. We met her in Doha for a pre-season interview.

Livia, how do you feel before this opening round of the Women’s World Championship?

I feel good; we worked well this winter and I had more time to prepare the season as this winter I didn’t go practising in California. We spent more time in France, and so we could do a lot of testing with engines and suspension. I’ve been working for two years now with Bruno Losito as physical trainer; we know each other and we did some good job this winter. I just had a little break after the Valence international, as I had a pretty big crash; I had a headache for a few days and some pain in the vertebrae but now it’s OK.

You had your birthday a few days ago; are you still motivated for racing?

I turned 28 but, as strange as it could seem for some people, I’m still improving every year! In fact when I started to race there was no French championship and no world championship so racing as a professional was not a goal for me. I really started working hard only the last couple of years, and now I know my body perfectly and, as I said, I’ve only been working with a trainer for the last two years.

You narrowly missed your second title last year; are you chasing it this year?

For sure the goal is once more to get the title, but it’s not my last season and, as I did in the past, I will take the series race by race. I’d like to get the red plate as soon as possible and keep it; I worked for that this winter but we’ll see after the last race where we will be.

Is it sometimes difficult to run a team and also race for the title?

No, because I have very good people around me. For sure when I decided to run my team I didn’t really imagine all the work that you have to do during the week – when you must order the part or organize the trips – but I like to be my own boss. I was lucky when I started to have so many great partners such as Kawasaki, Fox and Bihr who followed me, and it seems that everyone is happy as we have more and more support through the years. This season my new team mate Yvana Demaria will just race two GPs – France and Switzerland – so I will just have to be focus on myself during most of the season.

You won in Qatar last year, how is your feeling with this GP?

Qatar is different than the other races. I did not always perform well there but I like this Grand Prix. It’s cool to ride under the spotlights, and I like the track. The first year they had some huge jumps, but they worked on the track and it’s better now. It’s the first GP; last year I won it, and we’ll again try to do our best!
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